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Li Jiacheng: The be industrious and frugal on godchild life is not begged costly
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Li Jiacheng teachs the early that catch to the education of two sons. The be industrious and frugal on life of his requirement son, do not beg costly; Reputation is paid attention to on the career, abide by a promise. He is special the interest that teachs a son to cover consideration each other, do not take the petty gain of anybody, want to work hard.

Arrive when Li Zeju and Li Zejie 8, when 9 years old, li Jiacheng holds a board of directors, let a son sit in conference of the attend as a nonvoting delegate on the small chair that sets technically.
Begin brother two feel fancy and amused, pop eye, listen to father and each trustee to discuss the job seriously, sometimes everybody is contended for be flushed, eyeball of be angry and fierce, brother two frighten wow wow cry continuously, li Jiacheng says: "The child is not afraid of, we quarrel is for the job, normal phenomenon, wood is not gotten do not appear, manage not argue is unidentified! Manage not argue is unidentified!!

Once Li Jiacheng chairs company of discussion of board of directors to should take the issue of how many share, he says: "It is just that our company takes the share of 10% , take 11% OK also, but my view takes the share of 9% only. But my view takes the share of 9% only..

Trustee people some holding with, some opposition, vexed. At this moment Li Zeju station says on the chair: "Father, I object your opinion, I think to should take the share of 11% , can make money more ah " little brother Li Zejie also says hastily: "Goofy to having only ability takes the share of 9% ! "Goofy to having only ability takes the share of 9% !!

"Ha, " father and work in the same placing cannot help laughing. He says: "The child, the path knowledge that this is in business is worn greatly, not be 1 1 that end is simple, you want to take 11% hair big money to be not sent instead, you are taken only 9% , exchequer ability billow and come. Exchequer ability billow and come..

Those who carry out Li Jiacheng is decision-making it is brilliant. Although the company took the share of 9% only, but the business is thriving, prosperous.

Li Zeju and Li Zejie were in American Stanford university to graduate with outstanding achievement later, think the talent of company put to good use in father, do a career one time. Li Jiacheng brooded moment says: "My company does not need you! " brother two freeze, say: "Father, did not joke, are you so much cannot the company arrange us to work? " Li Jiacheng says: "Never mention it I have two sons only, namely 20 sons also can arrange the job. But, I think or pron yourselves makes land, let practice prove whether you are eligible to me the company holds a post. Let practice prove whether you are eligible to me the company holds a post..

Brother two this ability suddenly be enlightened, former father is push them to the society, go classics harships, see life, take exercise become a useful person.
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