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The Ceng Guofan of family education in the right way
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Ceng Guofan is a quite open to question character. His since suppresses the prime criminal of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.established by Hong Xiuquan during the Taiping Revolution. the largest of pleasant uprisings in China's history, it is the advocate of Westernization Movement, be in China proper academic place is had on literary history. To desert dispute of Ceng Guofan, here for the moment no matter, but the view that he teachs about the family and practice, have the place that deserves commend quite.

Ceng Guofan pays attention to a family to teach all one's life, he puts the emphasis that teachs children in repair " heart " , long " personally " , long " row " on. Repair " heart " the encourage that is person intelligence mental efforts, it is the education of human heart character. Ceng Guofan is advocated long " heart " , it is to want its children to accomplish " careful alone " , " do not jealousy to be not begged " , " filial piety is friendly " , " benevolence " , " respect " , " modest " , " excuse me " etc. Repair " personally " it is to pass maintain and Xiu Lian in order to obtain healthy physique. For this, ceng Guofan teachs children to want work and rest repeatedly measurable, punish angry stops up desire, mian feeds preserving, the be used to when cultivation. Ceng Guofan also is paid attention to long " row " , guileless of bearing of the way one speaks or what he says of requirement oneself children, the modest that need a person is respected, good-tempered, humanness cannot great-hearted, acerbity, extravagant wind also should go on the life.

Amount to afore-mentioned targets to beg, ceng Guofan has one a complete set of to teach the method of children. Admonitory, it is Ceng Guofan the most important with the basiccest family education method. He what a humanness ways of life, cultivate one's morality raises a gender is square, teach forthrightly, admonish children, specific requirement children is or not be, frank and sincere, be good at teaching. He often adopts the requirement of younger brother of a few two pairs the form of language of epigrammatic He Juan tries to generalize, with period bring those who have children to take seriously. Be like " 8 heart " (diligent, frugal, firm, bright, faithful, excuse me, modest, muddy) ; "8 " (read ancient books to be with explanations of words in ancient books this, tone is the Wen Yisheng that make a poetry this, raise it is in order to get favor in person this, preserve one's health with little angry for this, establish a body with not rant is this, manage the home with not Yan Wei this, house official is with wanting money this, march with not faze civilian is this) ; "4 " (say careful alone criterion the heart is installed, 2 say advocate Jing Zeshen is strong, 3 say beg benevolence criterion person Yue, 4 say review work is magical admire) ; "4 be defeated " (woman excessive excessive person be defeated, children charming idle person be defeated, the person that brother is on bad terms is defeated, bully division slow guest person be defeated) . Of these high concise wraparound, nature is memorized easily for its children place and carry out goes. Pass what to ancestor Jia Yanyi goes to praise, your children promotes Zu De, also be one of methods that Ceng Guofan teachs children. Ceng Guofan's grandfather has a way that studies the home quite, cause family property flourishing. To this, he respects deeply, abide by do not move. His domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household grandfather according to legend is wraparound for " early " (rise early) , " sweep " (sweep) , " one's deceased father " (sacred ancestor) , " treasure " (be kind to cognation neighborhood) , " book " (read) , " greens " (plant dish) , regard the character 8 of the way that studies the home as bid farewell, exhort family is taken care constantly, bend forward body practice. Actually, familial like Ceng Guofan large family of such rich and powerful family, more or less do its member works not matter. Ceng Guofan thinks the key is the ethos that should form a kind of hardworking and thrifty to hold love, the habit that nurturance hardworking and thrifty becomes rich, such ability homes carry wind of flourishing, home happies and harmonious, with Le Taiping. Ceng Guofan advances to be analysed all right to his character constantly, tell family pair of wrong gain and loss of own behavior, in order to regard Ceng Men as children draw lessons from, this also is one of methods of his family education. He ever wrote a letter to the son, meditate oneself inadequacy. He says: "Can diligent can respect, although troubled times also has flourishing weather; A suit can be diligent can respect, although fool also has taste of virtuous Zhi Feng. My lives hereat 2 words little time, today brother's son of child of Xun Wukun of criterion of earnestly and tirelessly, wu appropriate is engraved quarter abide by. To should come should. " wrong to the defect of family, ceng Guofan can be criticized directly, because censure and the person that make accept criticism is felt abashed. He ever criticized Zhu Di " bad to clear away clean " , criticize settleclear younger brother " the gas of pride of have one's bosom filled with " , criticize 6 younger brother, Ji Di lazier, criticize Ceng Jize to write style of writing or drawing is too weak, the person that read book able to repeat from memory is too little, bearing also not massiness. After criticism, he still can point out amendatory way, manner gravity is critical and gentle, your family be sincerely convinced.
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