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Accompanying over three phenomenon: the children busy parents exam
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Children just attended the mid-term exam, a number of busy parents to answer questions on the network. Recently, the major primary and secondary schools are immersed in an atmosphere of mid-term exams, but the tension of the parents is far more than the students. From the exam Weeks until the end of the results, in about half of the day, mid-term exams have become a hot topic they even have parents to help their children study in advance exam problems. In this regard, experts point out that impede the students read along with their parents as over- Long. Studying the phenomenon of the parents of a challenge exam Rain to see her daughter's mother in the monthly tests and examinations usually have a physical choice is always wrong, and she became panicky, worried that mid-term exam, the rain still did not grasp the knowledge points and lose points. Stiff Scalp together to help her daughter to do together. But see the title, she can not be sure which one to choose options to solve problems out of the concept of textbooks on shining, but did not find the answer. She and her daughter only two people a From scrutiny, and finally found a reason to justify, to solve this difficult decision. Mom said he was helpless to this rain, "no physical contact with me for several years, and later reading is liberal arts. The child will not be subject But not not teach it. "To this end, light rain is basically a search of her mother to textbooks, and also saw a lot of supplementary, fearing their own negligence, she laugh at yourself," read the book from the not so serious, did not think he still has things Management talent. " It is understood that many parents, like mother like light rain, take the initiative in solving difficult problems before the exam has become a "good student" from a few physics and chemistry to these problems in the English language and ultimately to their presence. A parent with emotion, in the Problems with the study to help children when the knowledge points to the previous review it again, even more than his grasp of even better when read as a teenager as his back. It is reported that two weeks before the examination, many anxious parents to start preparing the child's mid-term exam was. One parent just after mid-October, they begin to ask the midterm date, the child can do well on the exam early Preparation. In addition, many parents have become "students", to start a number of physical and chemical problems. Post to the phenomenon of two exams and parents Test the first day, still work Xiaowei mother lost patience and took advantage of gaps in the work she and other parents made a forum frequented by a "mid-term exams start" post. Shortly after ten o'clock, she projected their own Child language examinations just concluded, for the child can not be linked and worried mood, Xiaowei mother only through this form of "comfort" themselves, incidentally, pray Xiaowei well in the exam. Xiaowei she says that she do so and Not the first time, in fact, like her parents worried about their children, and many mid-term exam, and sometimes did not take long as these posts will have a message that the parents agree. It is reported that the night before midterms, there is more well known parents, parents with higher aggregation forum post for the children "cheering" shouted when this effect is like running the phrase "Steady." First Church Exam is not over, some parents immediately posted on the Internet simultaneously, excited to tell you that the three-day mid-term exams in progress. In addition, the reporter was learned, that some parents will be different in the midterm period, the release, "with coverage." When a reporter noted that the night before the exam, the first test, the exam the next day, after the last test and the results will be relevant after the post is basically in line, parents have to pay online or at the Forum Flow group post, a message exchange on the discussion board profiles and their knowledge of the situation. The phenomenon of three busy parents the answers after the examination "Mathematical answer to the last big question is 125 square meters or 200 square meters, ah?", "Solving steps of the last question what is" ... ... Yesterday, a reporter from a forum that the child had just attended the mathematics test , Some parents are based on the child the subject of memory, the answer on the busy network, or even of detailed problem-solving process. A yellow mother told reporters that his son had just promoted to third, this is the first child to participate in large-scale test, Mathematics 20 points the last question, right or wrong answers and problem-solving mathematics test scores directly to the decision. "Into the third, each exam is very important. In front of the basis of the basic questions no problem, if the last question correctly, can test out of math Can improve the overall ranking in school children. "Yellow Mama said, three days of each test and the test position may be relevant, because many school students in the examination Recommending Excellent League Members, introduce ourselves to students ranking are based on several large-scale examination into Results to decide. Just sent down to see the English papers, the small words startled her mother, the little words in the English scores of 80 points was a little bit of his early, she was very anxious, asking immediately to the parents of each child's situation. She immediately dialed Another, a mother's cell phone, sounded off, the child's achievements have been made similar and small, this test actually less than 80 points. She is full of doubt, the Internet and other parents and exchange in the parent group that has long been argued in this period played an English exam. A parent to provide information, the English did not even score the highest ever full-year 90 Points, the class will average 70 a larger share. Parents also said that some children had only a 20 multisection, pull down the average number of classes. Parents of another emotion, this exam is too difficult, simply Chaogang ... ... Small words mother said this parent group is not new in the report had been built when, parents are beginning to discuss new note, and later became parents a platform to discuss a child to learn. She said: "Every Second exam, the parents will come to see, exchange test situation, the papers do a simple analysis. "Little words mother believes that this year and class to know the overall situation of children learning to master is very good, family More exchanges can complement each other long. It is reported that parents like this group is not a universal phenomenon, in which the parents are very active, especially in face exam day. Often the first day of midterm evening, there will be parents to begin to discuss the language of the essay topic, try Ease the volume is expected to subject two days after the exam. Wait for the results to get the official papers, the parents will share a summary of the test. Experts Parents to let go of good child development Wang Ying psychologists believe that the reason the parents are so concerned about the midterm exam, worried children can not achieve the desired results, resulting in anxiety, there are two important reasons. First, the responsibility for the child A sense, many parents will feel that he is responsible for the children, from the basic necessities of life to the academic, this is his responsibility. The second is the strong sense of social competition, the child is the child's grades or become invisible competition between parents . Wang Ying encourage parents to children as a separate entity, appropriate reduction of excessive sense of responsibility for the child, the child's expectations are not too high. The unsatisfactory results of the child, do not say, "Why do others That you can not do "such words, but rather to analyze the reasons with him. Similarly, excessive attention to academic performance, often the child will have a" school for parents to read "point of view, it will be exciting parents to busy The child's schoolwork, the child will sit on the sidelines, kind of "you get busy it" mentality. Meanwhile, experts point out that expectations for children to learn not suddenly disappear, in modern society have become accustomed to high expectations of their children's education, parents, children do not suddenly asked, the children also do not believe, but rather depressed That even the parents are not confident of their own. Expectations for children both in terms of pressure and give them pleasure. For parents keen for their children read with their parents, the experts also suggested that parents sometimes too active in helping children to learn, but not very professional, there will be some errors exist, it will mislead the children, and young children Child often preconceived belief that parents do is right, makes it difficult to accept their ideas and criticisms. Wang Ying believes that responsible parents do not care about kids are happy, and questions of right or wrong to the teacher. To encourage children Child to ask teachers, and teacher interaction, the child's spirit of exploration and active learning is very helpful.
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