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South Korea successfully put an end to "paid tutor" Inspiration
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Teachers to do "paid tutor" by numerous critics, some people who listed several counts, such as its deviation from the requirements of morality, alienation teacher-student relationship, it will fall into the "catching up" cycle, affect the reputation of the school. This headache education sector, particularly in many parts of this below, strictly prohibited. However, the teachers engaged in the supervision of paid tutors is not easy, but students, parents, teachers to do "paid tutor" rush, coupled with generally low wages to teachers, market demand and the low wages of teachers forced to make do, "Paid Family" issue ban not just. In fact, "paid tutor" solution to the problem, the Korean experience is worth learning. In Korea, there is no teacher to do is basically "paid tutor", because it is not allowed to do both is not necessary. South Korea's law school in-service teachers to do non-paid tutoring, we can not go to the community to do the "School" (training) to teach, these are illegal. In China, many parents because of poor student performance can not, so the birth of the "paid tutor," the deformity of the market. In South Korea, the students make up classes if you want low achievers, remedial classes can go to the Social Sciences to participate in learning counseling. Community college counseling teachers not by part-time public school teachers, but a special tutor. These tutors have to go through the Ministry of Education examination, obtain Teacher, a lot of very famous teachers, teaching is also good. Now, poor academic performance to participate in counseling and Social Sciences has become their customary practices. Teachers can also make up classes after school hours This class students, but not money to students, the school will pay the appropriate overtime. Moreover, Korea is relatively high salaries of teachers, serving teachers to achieve the annual income of 300,000 yuan basically about. Therefore, the Korean teachers often have to spare time for leisure, learning, with the family without having the same teachers as China, to squeeze his spare time to earn some extra money to support their family. Can be seen that South Korea stop "Paid Family" issue, not simply "blocking", but from the source to solve the "Paid Family" survival of the soil, which China can learn from.
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