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Family Education Forum 2010 in Beijing: to enhance the level of parental educa
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Recently, the "Family Education Forum 2010 in Beijing," the sub-forum "Let the kids love to read" theme being the angel in the nursery, Chaoyang District, was held. It is reported that the activities of the Fund by the good start, the Beijing Women's Federation and Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press and other units jointly held, as "a good book a good start," public library part of the plan, hopes parents, children and early education experts, interactive, more many good children's books recommended to the Chinese children, and improve the educational level of parents, parent-child reading. At the meeting, child development centers outside the research community, including donor site "Butch Le Paradise" Early Learning series of books, including hundreds of them books to kindergarten children, children love to cultivate good reading habits. Activities, early reading research experts from outside the research community Xu Huaiyi Child Development Center teachers and parents share the parenting experience. About the benefits of early reading, Xu Huaiyi teachers that teach children to read more than just a means to bring more understanding of the world is for children to experience the way the world and can help children slowly learn how to get along with others , learn to understand other people's intentions, emotions, deal with their emotions. Outer Research Society launched "Butch Le Paradise" series of books is such a comprehensive set of guiding the growth of children's early childhood books, which according to the characteristics of child care settings in different growth period theme flexibility to parents the progress of a very good early education reference for the overall development of the child guidance suggestions.
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