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Proof of professional qualification tutor will set up training institutes in
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Reporter learned yesterday, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has approved tutoring vocational training programs for new teachers, the first batch of pilot recruitment at present Beijing has 800 people, at the end to get the qualification certificate, vocational training project is expected to clear the On admission to the institutions established in Tianjin. Reporter from the National Office of Employment Training tutor counselor learned that the current teacher training program Tutoring pilot only in Beijing, the first 800 enrolled students, the end will get the Human Resources and Social Security issued by the Ministry Certificate. According to reports, teacher training, tutoring in the school and the principal primarily for students who have graduated, but also the intention of the other employees are engaged in tutoring. Tutor training course will highlight the practical skills, case sub- Analyze, and pre-job training, the theory involved in education, psychology, family relations, social etiquette and professional courses related to primary and secondary schools. The project has attracted a lot of interest in students and tutors agency. Journalists in the survey found that the current work-study students tutor has become the main form of the city. According to the China Social Survey Office latest survey shows that students in the city, 19% engaged in part-time, of which 32% of the tutor, Rough statistics, the city has at least 5,000 college students engaged in tutoring. Nankai Management Area with tutoring agency said that at present parents choose teachers tutoring the blind comparison, it is generally recognized key universities, and if they looked for students to make up the Department of Chinese Language, Mathematics Department make mathematics to find The. In fact, students of elite universities is not necessarily a good tutor, communication methods and teaching skills are also important factors to be considered. Nankai University student Xiao He believes that tutoring teacher training programs in education, the heart Natural increase and so requirements for college students, to benefit students in my own business to improve quality, regulate tutoring market. Insiders also said that the tutoring market has been lack of effective supervision, parents are difficult to judge the true level of counseling, vocational qualification training to carry out, will provide new employment opportunities for college students is conducive to teaching Market Healthy development.
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