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How to enter examination room to do with respect to extraordinary tension?
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The study when small Yu Ping is very serious, result is right also, but whenever exam, exam is special nervous. Main show is, appetite drops, angst is disturbed, one is plant hard of character shape unwell. To this, the parent is very anxious, take him to go to a hospital checking for many times, do not check however give what trouble, but the result is, exam exam achievement often is paid no attention to want, fail time and again. Strange is afore-mentioned those symptoms, the end that takes an exam as exam disappeared naturally.
Everybody encounters exam to take an exam to be able to have some of insecurity, generate worry. Measurable angst can make the person concentrates energy, investment of systemic a person's mind is reviewed, it is beneficial consequently. But angst is excessive harmful. The circumstance of little anxiety is called on psychology " exam angst " . Face exam sentiment het-up, make cerebrum breathes centre especially excessive and sensitive; Heighten of plant nerve impressibility and local function are disorder, can produce the symptom such as nerve sex anorexia again. Still can make person angst disturbed, disturb the on the rails of thinking badly, affect result finally. The expression of little anxiety is angst excessive cause.
A few more the following training has certain effect to overcoming the excessive worry of exam, exam:
1. Train a law flabbily. In daily life, can use self-discipline, in order to maintain psychological health. Its simple unit process of cargo bandling is: The first pace, take sitting position, the head is erect slightly forward bend, the back relies on a chair gently to go up, double foot is put be the same as with the shoulder wide, sole sticks the ground, two tactics is put on ham; The 2nd pace, shut eye to make deep breathing 3 times, eliminate distracting thoughts, leave impression to control, the place that feels attention is pointed to gradually can produce sense of heat, diffuse to control all, right now, silent relapses to read aloud in the heart " calm comes down, static come down " ; The 3rd pace, want a place according to afore-mentioned operations, change attention to the foot to go up, same meeting feels sense of heat, at this moment whole body and mind can feel relaxed, the head feels relaxed. This law can eliminate the child's angst and nervous mentality.
2. Autosuggestion law. This also is the training method that one kind adjusts and eliminates nervous, scared mentality. Its operate a point is: Loosen all over first, the silent in the heart attends a few speech that encourage ego, or envisage oneself to enter state in the beginning of take an exam, as solid as a rock, think sedulously, solution is inscribed fast accurate, confident. . . . . . This kind of autosuggestion, can arouse the child's fancy, be a kind " psychology is gymnastic " , the result is favorable.
No matter use training of which kinds of method, its essentials is to eliminate a variety of distracting thoughts and apprehension, make oneself treat exam exam with common heart hard. Accordingly, the fixed position that the key is pair of ego wants appropriate. Especially the parent, two pairs daughter cannot force too closely, what firm objective wants to accord with the child is actual. Answer to cooperate with school teacher more at ordinary times, encourage the child to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, let child take part in a battle with light packs.
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