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Child of rewards and punishment has knowledge ~
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Have an informal discussion is taught to go up in family, a parent told the real story of his home: The elementary school on the daughter 5 grade, very ambitious, result is right. Father mother is better to make study foundation of the child is hit firmlier, offerred an award measure -- every class takes an exam 85 minutes above rewards 10 yuan, 90 minutes of above reward 20 yuan, 95 minutes of above reward 30 yuan. Take an exam as to what, they do not have a regulation. Passed a few days, the daughter is taking the examination paper of little test to seek father mother: You look, 90 minutes of above, give money! Father mother is very glad, exactly the amount cashs. After ten days, take an exam among them, it is 95 minutes of above. The daughter looks for father mother to want money, father mother hesitated, such going down, the salary of hundreds of money, complete outfit went in child bag. The daughter sees the model that father mother does not consider say: "Father mother, hong Kong regression, policy 50 years changeless; Your promotive policy just decided a many month, be about to change! " father mother was forced money. Husband and wife two consulted family education expert, the expert criticizes them ought not to simplification ground has rewards and punishment with money, money should not become the only end of child learning, should do self-criticism to the child, believe the child is conscientious, can learn hard strive for good achievement, promotive measure should be some more; Write down a family to reward archives (or domestic memorabilia) ; Go out travel; Give a little gift that like; Buy a significant book to wait a moment. The two opinions that reflecting an expert did husband and wife, the child is very glad, achievement is better than before.

However, more families appear as follows case: Child learning is bad, the parent decided index before the exam, if reach target,give how many money or buy what thing. Exam result, did not reach target, parent life gets angry, money does not give of course, the thing also is not bought. Where is the child? Crestfallen, confidence was not worth. Such after two 3 take second place, the parent also feels effectiveness of this measure it doesn't matter. Then, rebuke is blamed, satirize is satiric, the thing that changes arms greatly appears possibly.

Learn stand or fall, the reason is many sided, analyse a reason only, suit the remedy to the case, ability can have good effect. Do not make great efforts on analytic reason, do not study concrete directive step, simplification ground the methodological make an issue of with result of award, punish, be afraid failure is hard to avoid.

If have rewards and punishment? The study motive connection that should follow the child rises. Learning motive is child learning to achieve what goal. Child age is different, motive is different also. Motive cent is close shot motive and distant view motive. Close shot motive behaves the specific pursuit target that is close to, have what give priority to with mental element, want to suffer for instance praise, complimentary, want to insert small safflower, small red flag, want to get a bulletin of glad news to wait; Also have what give priority to with corporeal element, think for instance " bonus " , the stationery that loves conceivably, toy, look around conceivably, the opportunity of travel is waited a moment. Distant view motive is contacted with photograph of prospective job, life, reflect the pursuit of pair of good life. Elementary school is small the child of middleaged class, close shot intention is apparent, grow as the age, intellectual field of vision is open, increasing to social life understanding, distant view motive by hazy to clarity, make a kind of pursuit gradually.
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